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Thread: video compression software?

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    Question video compression software?

    I have a friend who wants to put a 16GB video file (1hr long in standard definition) onto one DVD with as little loss in quality as possible. My initial thinking is that putting it on a dual layer disc is probably best.

    Is there any kind of easy software compression tool out there that can do this? I was thinking maybe "ConvertXtoDVD", but I have only used this to burn small divx and xvid type files to DVD. Not sure it could handle putting a 16GB video file to a single DVD.

    Any suggestions?

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    What are the properties of the original file?

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    To get a 16 gb file down to a small enough file to put on one disc will leave her with some pretty low quality. I do not think that any software would have difficulty with that huge of a file, but it will probably take forever. The problem really is getting it small enough to fit on one disc.

    One thing to think about is how do you want to use the resulting DVD? If you want to play it on a standard dvd player you have to have it in mpeg2, which is large.

    If you want to play it on a computer you have more choices. Just about any type of file will play on a computer if you have the right software.

    Does she want to put it back into an edit program? If so, then you need to convert it to something that will be compatible with whatever edit program she has.

    I hope this helps.

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    From what I have now been told, it's a WMV file. Windows Movie Maker was the only program they had to put the video together. Am I right in thinking its best to put it on a 9GB dual layer DVD disc?

    From my understanding, they do want to have it play on a standard DVD player cause they will be giving out multiple discs to people. I think its some sort of presentation. So basically, burning it to a DVD will be the final step and I don't think they want to put it back into any kind of editing program.

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    A wmv, or windows media video, will slide into any windows-based conversion software so at least you do not have some esoteric kind of file to deal with.

    Now, to the best of my knowledge, if you want it to play on a standard DVD player, it has to be mpeg2. I could be wrong about that. mpeg 2 is what format standard dvd players use, but I am not 100% sure whether they are exclusive to that format.

    Anybody smarter than me out there listening?

    Mpeg streamclip by a group called square 5 is software that will do that for you. It is exceptionally popular, easy to use and FREE!

    Google "mpeg stream clip square 5" and they should be the first listing to come up.

    Now whether that will all fit on to one disc, probably not.

    Use the biggest capacity disc available, which is probably the 9 gb dual layer you describe, but again, I am not 100% sure.

    Sorry I am not 100% sure on these things, but I am about 90% sure.

    Good luck!

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    16gig wmv file! Boy that is a big file for that format.
    I know you want to convert for DVD but you also have a quality expectation as well which may be difficult to satisfy here.

    WMV is a highly compressed format for distribution but the problem is the word "compressed." None of these highly compressed formats are "squished down" in size like it sounds!

    Actually large amount of the original data is discarded and, I am guessing, the frame size of the video will be reduced as well.

    To convert to DVD you would have to go to MPEG2 but in the process enlarge the frame size to satisfy the DVD standard = Loss of quality.

    This would also require transcoding the files from wmv to MPEG2 and again, due to the original compression = loss of quality.

    You may already have software on your computer that can do all this. If you computer has a DVD writer in it check the software that came with it. Probably Nero, Roxio or Cyberlink product.

    The other alternative is to go to DivX and make a DivX DVD. Again the transcode will reduce the quality and in this case not all DVD players will be ok to play DivX DVDs.

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    I see it says in the original post that the video is 1 hour long, this would allow you to use the maximum bit rate of 9600, you would be best to use mpeg2 for DVD if you want it to play on all players, I've but 2.0 hours on a DVD using VBR and the quality has been fine, so if the original wmv has been done at 720x576 25fps and you convert it at any bit rate above 4500 VBR you will easily get it on a single sided DVD with very little loss, a lot depends on what resolution they made the wmv at.

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    after 134 fine posts, you need to be thanked!

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    You need dvd authouring software.

    One single side 4.7 gig disc wull take a one hour vide oat the max bit rate of a dvd - you dont need dual layer.

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    I'll shut up now.

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