Ok, guys as you see i am new here, but its great pleasure to help eachother here in this forums, i am sure its great for all of us..
Couple issues :
1. I have some great Motion Backgrounds in AVI, they are very nice, good stuff, now if you have some as well , i am willing to exchange some with you (Must PM) only..

2. I recently recorded some videos, but used the wrong recording format(instead of using DV60I , i set the REC format to HD30p-JVC GY-HD110) but the hardware switch was set to DV not HDV, anyhow, when i was gonna capture the video, it didn't allow me to capture it under DV format, so i ended up capturing it under HDV and ended up haing this file format (m2t) i opened my previous project which was DV60I and i was able to drag and drop the high def files, but i am not sure if its a good idea or atleast its gonna work...any ideas?
Many thanks !