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Thread: Sony Z1 clarification needed

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    Default Sony Z1 clarification needed

    I'm considering buying a camcorder which was advertised as a Z1, not a Z1E, and the seller is effectively telling me that the 'E' is irrelevant, I think he is trying to tell me that the Z1 will shoot in NTSC and in PAL.
    Is this accurate, and if it isn't, if it's just an NTSC cam, just how important is it to get the E version rather than the NTSC version? (I'm in the UK and as far as I can foresee, I will be shooting entirely in the UK)

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    Hi Snapper, I couldn't help but notice no one had replied so here's my penny's worth...

    Yes, as you know 'E' means it's set to PAL recording but...

    Sony Broadcast Announces HVR-Z1 HDV Camcorder with PAL and NTSC Support, No 24P - Pro News
    "The 50 fields interlaced and 25 frames progressive settings allow the camcorder to be used both in NTSC and PAL countries, and are eagerly desired by independent filmmakers" I guess that means it'll function as a PAL camera without any problems.

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    Yea - but the i / p thing is seperate from the ntsc / pal thing - just being a pedant.
    And p doesnt look like film - oh god I am getting obessed with going on about that - it irriates me hugely.

    Not you videodave.

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    Thanks guys, that's a pretty good link, Dave, I like a bit of controversy, being a photojournalist.
    I'm currently chasing a used PD 170, from a London film production company moving to HD. Yeah I know that they (the camcorder, not film production companies...) are obsolete etc. but it will be ok for a start. It's being serviced, apparently, whatever that means (change the oil in the servo?). Anyway, it looks like a genuine deal so I'll see what happens tomorrow, the guy is supposed to be emailing me about it.

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