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Thread: February 2009: Free Dead People!

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    Talking February 2009: Free Dead People!

    My new video. Played for laughs, slightly poor taste.
    [ame=""]YouTube - Free Dead People![/ame]

    BIG coo for me, I managed to get TheHill88 to collab in the video (big youtube celebrity).

    I hope you enjoy. I know some shots are over exposed and had a nightmare with sound as had levels too high. In places I actually used the audio from different takes over the video of other takes - which works well as I've actually forgotten where I did it so I don't even know where myself!
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    I grinned quite a bit. The seller's pitch was great, but I think my favorite part was the "constant hug" position.

    You should sell cars.

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    after all, rigamortis IS great!
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    I especially liked "the fact that I'm walking towards you at an angle proves that I'm serious" etc. dialogue, but really, liked the whole thing - a good original idea!

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    Absolutely brilliant! Your satirical script is a superb starting point. Some superb observational huimour (do you spend all day watching ads on daytime TV). Delivery was excellent and nearly believable. Any problems you've had with sound have been well masked/fixed - I certainly wasn't aware of anything on my PC setup.

    If I was important enough, I'd make sure this is a nominee for VOTM

    And the "walking at angles" line is destined to become a classic.

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    I watched your video and thought it was very funny. Very observational as stated above on the way advertisements are done today and some of the lines you used could be applied to a lot of things we use ourselves such as operating systems (no prizes for guessing who I'm referring to) and video editing software which chops and changes like the seasons.

    Good acting, lighting, sound, you must have spent quite a bit of time in pre-production getting it all ironed out as it flowed very smoothly and that can be seen in this edit. So the message you can take from that is Pre-Production, Pre-Production and Pre-Production. All of your videos are very good, you seem to have found a particular style in terms of writing, acting/shooting and editing and you should stick with it.

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    I can't stand daytime tv, it's bloody awful! But so good if you want to find something to take the mick out of! Thank you Nik for the encouragement about my writing and production style, it's always good to know that I'm doing something right (especially when the hit+miss bag that is youtube is never a good indicator as to whether something is or isn't actually any good) - although saying that, managing to get Caitlin Hill in this one was quite a coop. She is going to promote it on her page which should see my traffic go up ten fold.

    For my shame I know I don't pre-produce as much as I should, I just look at the script and there and then decide which shots to do and where. It's luck more than diligence that sees it all coming together quite well (which is something I generally will not recommend). For small projects like this I can get away with it, for bigger stuff then pre-prod is a big must.
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    Just to fill in the blanks for the non youtubers who love a good video, had to do some homework, I had never herd of her, but seems she is Australian, well by nationality, not sure if she would eat a kangaburger.

    From Wiki.

    Caitlin Alexandra Hill (born 8 September 198 is a YouTube personality under the name TheHill88. She produces, edits and uploads her videos from her home in New York City.
    Dubbed "the goofy princess of cyberspace" by 60 Minutes, Hill maintains one of the most subscribed channels on YouTube, with a regular audience of over 65,000. Her videos have a cumulative view count of over 17 million.

    In addition to maintaining a channel on YouTube, Hill is the Chief Creative Officer of Hitviews, a website and new media business venture co-founded by her and Walter Sabo. The site allows marketers direct access to internet celebrities such as Kevin Nalty and Cory Williams. Bob Weinstein is among the site's investors.

    Clay looks like you have hit the money pot here, and please report back on what effect this has on your channel.
    I know nothing about youtube, even less about video

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    Quote Originally Posted by TimStannard View Post
    If I was important enough, I'd make sure this is a nominee for VOTM
    Noted. Will make sure it gets shortlisted. At the moment we have an informal chat in the mod area of the forum (my good god we never agree on anything there) to fight for who gets the noms for the month. In future, I'd like to take that out of the mod area and into a panel of people that want to make these kind of decisions. VOTM is certainly proving a quiet hit, so IK'm looking to invest some 's into getting a coder to automate some of the process (nominating, voting, moving threads etc).

    Quote Originally Posted by Nikosony View Post
    All of your videos are very good, you seem to have found a particular style in terms of writing, acting/shooting and editing and you should stick with it.
    I agree. Your comedy shorts have hit a chord with me, but I must admit I was left a bit bemused by the only 'video with a serious message' you've posted here.

    Quote Originally Posted by rollingstock View Post
    she is Australian, well by nationality, not sure if she would eat a kangaburger
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    Sounds like a good plan to bring VOTM nominations out to the public, but isn't that just the same as someones actual vote for a video? So people would effectively be voting twice?

    I'm glad people enjoy my stuff on the whole, although stepping foot into different genres of video may prove less successful. Being out of ones comfort zone is the best way to learn.

    Caitlin hasn't updated her profile for a few days, she did say she'd pimp this video on I guess it's still wait and see with fingers crossed.
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