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Thread: I just found 3000 on the ground. What camera should I buy?

  1. Default I just found 3000 on the ground. What camera should I buy?

    'Ello, 'ello! I'm looking to treat myself to a COMPLETE overhaul of video equipment because I'm currently using stuff so old that I'm not even going to tell you what. Definitely not the way to obtain a professional image when approaching people for work.

    Anyway, the problem with looking at what to buy is the massive choice. You read about a camera, you look up loads of reviews, they have pros and cons, you compare them to other ones, then you wonder if the camera will work well with various editing software etc etc

    To get a solid idea of what's good and why I was wondering if you experts could recommend anything.

    What high quality video camera would you recommend for me to buy for around 2-3k?

    This camera will be the center of my video equipment and will be used in all sorts of situations. I want an HD camera with excellent audio options.

    It has also got to definitely work well with Adobe Premiere Pro (I know some formats don't work with Premiere).

    Surely there's a load of you on here who already have a camera that fits that description and who edit on Adobe as well?

    What camera models do you have? Why are they so damn good?

    Thanks, guys. As you can imagine, I don't want to spend all that money only to find out that the camera is missing some really basic feature or doesn't work properly in Adobe.

    All input is greatly received

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    It is only manky things like consumer sd card cameras and horrid hard drive cameras that present probs to apps.

    Any in your price range will be cool with all editors.

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    Thanks, Mark. Yeah, initially I really liked the sound of a Hard Drive camera... no more fussing about with tapes and such. But then I read about them more and about their MPEG2 compressions and how it causes problems. Tapes might be impractical on some levels but at least they can be turned into any format.

    Okay then, does anyone here own a Sony DSR-PD170 (2280)?

    Reviews suggest it's very good but I'd prefer to hear from someone with lots of first-hand experience in using it. That's the only way you can really find the little things that you'd prefer were improved. Anyone? It looks sexy as hell, if nothing else...

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