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    I'm evaluating Photodex Proshow Gold and have produced a video project using photos, video and sound. I have successfully output the project to both a DVD and a SD video file. However, I'm also attempting to output an HD video file. I don't yet have a Blu-ray burner and want to be able to play the HD video file on my TV from my home network. (The TV is network connected.)

    The 28 minute HD output at 1080p produced a 10Gig file. It plays fine on my computer but stutters badly when I attempt to play it on my TV. I have attempted to play it over my home network and I have burned the file to a thumb drive, plugged that into the USB port on my TV. Both attempts result in stuttering. I also created 1080i & 720p video files and got the same results.

    I have other HD files that play perfectly over the network.

    In one of my problem solving attempts, I used OJOsoft Video converter to convert the video file to a smaller size. From this program, it would appear that Proshow Gold used a frame rate of 59.94 and a bit rate of 60000 to build the video file! OJOsoft used a fixed bit rate of 5000 in making a smaller file. The output was less than 1Gig and played pretty well but was not perfectly smooth. I've looked at the preferences in Proshow Gold and can't see anywhere to adjust the frame rate and bit rate to a lower level. I suspect that a bit rate of 8K - 10K and a standard frame rate of 29.97 would produce excellent results.

    Has anyone else attempted to build HD content using Proshow Gold and resolved this issue?

    I know that someone will suggest using another video editing program and I can do that (I have several others). However, I spent a couple hundred hours building the slide show and I don't know of an easy way to transfer the project to another video editor.
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