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Thread: promotional video for my boss

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    Default promotional video for my boss

    as we have a new website I played with the idea to make a promotional video for my employer (computer business)
    I am still working on it, so it's not finished yet.
    Just tell me what you think so far ...

    you can see it at
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    I'm in the mood for a critique, so:

    00:10 - the pans are a tad jerky and don't end on any focus point, so seem odd.

    00:15 - the guy looks up straight into the camera. probably better to fake the scene and use 'actors'. (Avoids the need to get permission to).

    00:21 - the information side panel 'jumps' of screen and is rather distracting. Might be better to either slide of fade it on and off. The effect is also used only once so seems out of context.

    01:07 - might be nice to fade each box going into the van

    The ending is maybe how you should have created the whole video - the process of a sale or RMA from start to end.

    Some of the shots were screaming out for a tripod. Is your employer happy displaying his complete stock inventory?

    Apart from that, good job!
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    I think the video could benefit from being "punchier". It needs more attention grabbing sequences in it. At the end of the day this kind of shooting would look great if it was of the fire service or something with natural interest, but at the end of the day you are a PC repair/configure service with a software development element. It's not rivetting stuff (no offence intended - I am in the same industry) and so the videographer is the one who has got to make it seem like the most exciting thing since creation of the universe.

    My recommendations are:
    1) Replace the music with something more upbeat and snappier
    2) Have some fast cut scenes punching out to the music.
    3) You have a video that would benefit from some of the transitions and clip effects that we all normally steer clear of. Experiment and see what comes up.
    4) End with something like Marc's video wall with software development, customer service (the reception desk), quality control, and PC servicing all occupying their own window and streaming.
    5) fade out
    6) That's a wrap luvvies

    However, it was nicely edited and would have been a great video for something with more action content.

    That's my opinion. If you don't like it I have others

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