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Thread: Cameraman-Editor needed -London

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    Default Cameraman-Editor needed -London

    Cameraman-Editor needed for a fly on the wall documentary. This is a personal project and there is no budget beside my credit card. The filming will take place in London - max. 12 hours. The subject is : Eastern Europeans people sleeping rough on the streets of London.

    Please contact me by email :

    Best Regards

    p.s - I do not have any experience

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    Interesting doco idea - I am not in london so cant work with you on this.

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    Hi Mark

    Can we talk about that?

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    I'm sure WE could work something out with this Mark.


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    I'll get 3 stab proof vests ordered
    My opinions are just that . . . Mine. It's not personal, but is based on my emotional and professional reaction to requested critique. If you choose to ignore constructive comments, I'll just assume you're a vanity poster and not posting to improve your filming and editing skills.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zero View Post
    I'll get 3 stab proof vests ordered
    lol - Its not necessary unless I want to stab the homeless people for not being interesting enough.

    I think I have to show you what I have mind. Its a script made in 2 min, just the the beginning.

    Also - I made this video in the kitchen - it took me 2 hours to film those people - on my way home from work, and 2-3 hours to edit the material.


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    Hi guys

    Funny as it sounds, there used to be 2 homeless Romanians sleeping rough, there are not here anymore. Or I can not find them. Thanks for the 3 offers I've got , but to do this I have to get back in touch with the homeless charity . I could use Polish but I don't speak the lingo.

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    Hi mate, are you still looking for someone to work with on this?

    If so, please drop me a private message.


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    Hi guys

    I have tried one guy who said that he wants the job. Turns out that he wants a contract signed, copy rights and paid by the hour. It was a hobby, I am sorry that I still get emails, I have to give up on film making hobby - being an alcoholic or a drug addict is a lot cheaper .
    All the best

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    don't get me wrong, there are some genuine job offers .I failed to make it clear that it is a hobby for me .
    Personally I wanted Mark

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