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Thread: Sold My MiniDV Camcorder What Next

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    Default Sold My MiniDV Camcorder What Next

    Having sold my Canon MV200 I am looking for a replacement, I have begged and pleaded with the keeper of the purse (the wife) but it was to no avail, my budget at most is around the £250 mark which is a shame as I would have loved the Canon HF100 or Panasonic SD9, as we have a 1080 TV at home and I would have liked to have made the most of it.

    I initially thought of buying another second hand MiniDV model but think now I want a flash based one, my reasoning is

    • if its small I will use it more (I wont end up with a drawer full of MiniDV tapes)
    • it will give me 16:9 widescreen
    • easier to edit (currently use premiere elements 3)

    Price wise as I see it there are two options the JVC MS100 and the Canon HS100 what I would like to know is what would the image quality be like compared to my old MiniDV camera?

    I spent hours searching for samples on the web last night but all I can find is YouTube type videos I would like to see raw files.

    Should I have kept my MV200 am I now going to step down in quality. I would say I am leaning towards the JVC camera mainly because of price, the Canon at £100 more doesn’t seem to offer that much more for the money


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    The JVC cam records at the same resoultion as your previous camera, but with higher compression (it uses MPEG). It's possible that the optics won't be up to the same standard as the MV200 (that's nothing more than a possible suggestion), and they'll be a greater chance of artifacts than your prevuous camara due to greater compression. You may also have trouble editing in PE3. Check the forums for workaround for editing JVC eviro footage (some JVC use MPEG, some use AVCHD, but yours uses MPEG).

    I can't find any informatioin on the canon you mention. Footage from the Panasonic SD9 looks better on a 40+ inch HD screen than a DV camera of the same price on the same screen. I achieve similar results when down-converting to HDV and then esporting to MPEG2 for delivery. Downconverting to DV and then exporting to WMV for webstreaming resulted in the same quality as a 5 year old DV camera.

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    JVC - worse all round.
    Canon - better video but crap to edit.

    Keep the old canon and / or get a tape based HDV camera.

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    Sorry should have said canon fs100.

    wish i hadnt sold my MV200 now. Trying to grovel and up budget as i can get the Panasonic SD9 for £396

    dont hold out much hope though

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    ok so i think i have made a mistake selling the MV, just managed to get hold of some ram (MOV) files from the canon and JVC, oh dear, artifacts, streaking, general fuzzyness much worse than the tape. The last video i took with my miniDV was at night with the snow coming down. What a difference, true colours, no real grain, smooth images.

    what is the best miniDV out there now for under £200. Ideally small ish and with an optical image stabiliser. Plus i want true 16:9 if there is such a thing on miniDV.

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    I don't know about the 'best' camcorder for less than £200.00 but I just bought a Canon MD 205 (or izzit 215, I dunno, these model numbers faze me, yet such a simple thing to remember), which is widescreen.
    I paid around £120.00 for it from Dabs but it's since gone up to £150.00 ish.
    I've shot some footage of a Yorkshire terrier going through a strange kind of pre-dinner ritual on it, but haven't edited it or put it up on the Web yet, or you could take a look at it.
    Oops, forgot, I've shot a quick 'how to' video on it.
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    All that glitters is not gold.

    Lots of my personal stuff is shot on a really old sony pc4 on full auto. Use it within it's perforamce envalope and it is a great point and shoot tool. £100 very used off e bay. I drop it for fun - it refuses to break.

    Great films are made by great film makers, not great cameras.

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    just bought a Sony HC62E, seems quite nice, small compared to the canon. Ok so its not got the OIS of the canon but at least its reasonably up to date not like the 10 year old MV200.

    went for another tape cam as i was so disapointed with the quality of the FS100 samples i downloaded, besides i just picked up 12 tapes for just over £7 Thats better than last time i bought one at £9.99

    Any opinions on the HC62?

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