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Thread: Red bar in Video Stuido 11 Plus

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    Default Red bar in Video Stuido 11 Plus

    In the timeline, or just above, what is the solid redline that seems to appear? AND most importantly, how do you get rid of it, as it only plays clips upto the end of this redline and nothing past it

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    This is covered on page 40 of your manual. The red bar is the preview range.
    Setting a preview range
    For faster previews, you may choose to play only a part of your project. The selected range of frames to preview is referred to as the preview range, and it is marked as a red bar in the Ruler Panel. To play the preview area only: 1. Use the Trim Handles or the Mark-in/out buttons to select the preview range. The Preview range mark-in and Preview range mark-out timecodes will then be displayed in the Options Panel. 2. To preview the selected range, select what you want to preview (Project or Clip), then click Play. To preview the entire clip, hold [Shift], then click Play.
    I believe this is a feature of High Quality previews. You can switch to instant playback within File, Preferences, General, and then playback method. Set this to Instant Playback. Note that the quality will be reduced.

    I have attached a copy of the Video Studio 11 plus manual. It may help you get to the bottom of problems quicker by referencing the relevant parts. I found the solution for you by searching for red in the manual.
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    Unhappy unable to download manual


    i am unable to download attached pdf file . can u pls send it on my personal email id.



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