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Thread: The Best Settings For DVD?

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    I've just been rendering MPEG2 in Sony Vegas 8.0 with audio, authoring and burning in dvd architect, but have noticed that the sound is a little lossy. I read in another thread that its best to render the video as MPEG2 without sound, and then the sound as an AC3 file. How is it then possible to merge them in dvd architect?
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    Its simple. You just render in Vegas as Main Concept MPEG2 video stream (no audio) and a second render as AC3 audio. Name both files the same except for the suffix (ie .mpg or ..ac3) and save them in the same folder. Then when you take one or the other into DVDA, DVDA will automatically bring the other file with it. Once you do it once you'll see its a snap.

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    thanks for that Terry

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