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    I am new to Vegas Pro 8. I am trying to get a video out to my daughter for her birthday half way accross the world. I have put togeter the file (video) and saved it on the hard drive as a *.veg file. I dont know how to burn it to disk so that it can be played on a UK DVD player. I have rendered it to *.mov and *.avi and burned them to a DVD but the DVD player does not recognise them can anyone help. I understand i have to choose pal and the DVD player I have is from the UK so if it plays on it it should play on my daughters. What file type,(format) (and it can be a vegas template) am i best choosing? and how do I actually burn the DVD? or do I need other software to do this? Thanks I'm a dunce. But if i wasn't doing it for my girls birthday I'd take the time to learn it better. Many thanks to anyone who can help me.

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    Firstly, the .veg file is only meaningful to Vegas. It is a "Project" file and is basically a list of all the bits you've used to make up your project (eg on track 2 at time 0:00 place 5 seconds from 25 seconds in of C:\MyVideos\sportsvid.avi; on track 1 at time 0:00 place a title font=Arial, Size= 36, colour = get the idea?)

    Secondly, a Video DVD is NOT the same as a computer DVD. You could look at it as a computer DVD with a very specific structure and naming conventions to which it has to conform.

    You need to render a video file which you have done, and as you have already discovered there are many types of video file. Domestic DVD players require files of type MPEG2.

    If you have Vegas Pro 8 AND DVD Architect, the recommended approach is to render the video as MPEG2 without sound, and the sound as an AC3 file (both files should have the same name - eg MyVideo.ac3 and MyVideo.mpg)

    You do not simply copy these files to a DVD you need a DVD Authoring program (such as Sony DVD Architect - often sold with Vegas Pro, but not necessarily)

    This creates a DVD in a form readable by a domestic DVD player. It creates a certain file structure, combines your MPG & AC3 files into one or more VOB files and adds some other navigation files.

    If you don't have DVDA, use your DVD burning software (Nero, Roxio etc) which will probably have a Video DVD authoring facility. It will most probably take your avi as an input file.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on.

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    Default rendering publishing?


    Thanks for that. I have created an *.mpg file which has a *.mpg.sfl file linked with it. When creating it in the rendering gui i chose mpeg2 from the drop down menu and chose pal DVD as the format option. It has created the two files above but do i hae to do this fo the audio file part of my video too? There is an automatic audio format chosen in the rendering drop down menu when you choose mpeg2. Or do i need to go back and burn an mpeg2 audio and video file seperately. I will use Sonys DVD Architect software for authoring if thats any help. Thanks again. I posted this reply before but It didn't seem to come up. Not my day I think.

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    When you render, render twice:

    1. MainConcept MPEG-2, select the DVD Architect PAL (widescreen) video stream
    this will create the best format mpg for DVDA to work with (with no audio)
    2. Dolby Digital AC-3 Pro
    this will create your audio file (only takes seconds to render the sound)

    Assuming you've named your files myvideo.mpg and myvideo.ac3 and put them into the same folder, it's simply a case of inserting the mpg file into your DVDA project and the udio will follow.

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    The *.sfl file is the file that retains any Marker information. And is used to create Chapters you may wish to employ WHEN you get to DVDA. Very useful if you HAVE created Marker<>Chapter points while at the Vegas Timeline. I use this all the time.

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