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Thread: Short scripts requiring filmmakers.

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    Post Short scripts requiring filmmakers.

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm a film graduate and writer. I've written four short scripts which I would like to see get made. Details are below:-

    Short script 1.
    Title: Video Nasty.
    Genre: Comedy.
    Synopsis: Two 16 year old girls, Reena(Indian) and Hannah(English) make their own horror movie as part of a school project. Using a DV camera, they coerce their friends into making a movie called ‘Video Nasty’. Reena’s boyfriend Ryan(English) plays an avenging zombie in the film and her friend Heather(Black) plays the heroine.

    Short script 2.
    Title: Weapon of Choice.
    Genre: Sci-Fi.
    Synopsis: In a future Britain, a weapon is developed which can kill any specific person without destroying property or causing collateral damage. The weapon orbits the Earth from a satellite and is controlled by a government organization called ‘Weapon of Choice’. One of its operatives, Simon abuses this power to kill an innocent man.

    Short script 3.
    Title: Tattoo.
    Genre: Comedy.
    Synopsis: David just can’t keep his tattoos on his body. They keep coming to life and jumping free of him. His car, ship and dragon tattoos simply won’t stay put. After receiving an anonymous email, David invests in some specially designed suction patches which suck his wayward tattoos back onto his body. Unfortunately for him, the suction patches work so well, they suck the tattoos ‘inside’ him where they run amok.

    Short script 4.
    Title: Volunteer.
    Genre: Drama.
    Synopsis: Raj, a self centered young Indian man volunteers to help in an old folks’ home. He doesn’t do it out of kindness but he’s struggling to find work and thinks volunteering will look good on his CV. He is asked to care for Peter, a WWII veteran who can no longer walk without assistance and whose eyesight is fading. Peter resents other peoples’ help and isn’t too keen on Raj. Peter often bemoans the fact that the only volunteering people did when he was young was to fight for king and country.

    Peter’s prized possessions are his toy soldiers which he keeps strategically positioned on a table. Nobody is allowed to touch them, so when Peter relays stories of his wartime experiences, Raj imagines the pieces coming to life to reenact Peter’s heroic battles. Raj becomes particularly captivated by Peter’s exploits in Burma fighting the Japanese alongside Sikhs and Gurkhas. He is deeply moved by the sacrifices made by this now forgotten army.

    If there are any filmmakers who would like to collaborate with me on any of these then please get in touch. Thanks.
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    All very high in special effects so would take some serious work.

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    Santosh, this might sound cruel, but did you pass the screenwriting phase of your film course? Having read all four of your shorts, I wonder if you ever heard the phrase; show, dont tell?
    Plus I'm wondering where the drama is? Where the conflict is? Where the obsticles for the lead character to overcome is?
    Girls want to make a video nasty, so they do. Man wants to kill a man, so he presses a button. No real arc of character there.
    To be blunt, they only way you'll ever see these produced is to DIY.

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