Hello to all.

This is my first thread on this forum & it may well be my last.

I may be a techie in other areas but, at least at this time, a camcorder is simply something I want at hand for those “precious moments”

I feel qualified to enter this forum & bother you guys/gals with my boring request.

I’ve spent countless hours researching on the Internet & after almost pulling my hair out with frustration, wasting most of my valuable day off this weekend & still feeling none-the-wiser, I really must ask for your help.

So here goes……………………..

Baby coming, need a camcorder (am filling my head with baby stuff, no room left for studying or retaining camcorder info)!

Budget absolute max 300 quid. Am spending money like water these days; doctors appointments, scans, supplements (I’m working overseas), pushchairs, did, did, dah, dah. To be honest, 250 is my target.

I’m willing to go second hand for the right item.

I thought I could get my hands on a higher spec standard definition unit for a price in between HD & SD. Something with a decent lens, light sensor & processor for those all important lower light conditions, but I wonder if models like this are even out there?

I’m living out in Asia, very sunny place, very bright.

I’m not expecting the best quality image for this price, but I don’t see why I should go backwards with an investment, which I should be able to put to effective use for the next 3-5 years. Seems to me that old format video recorders do a lot better in lower light than what’s available on SD these days.

I don’t want a tape. I’d prefer card or HDD, but may settle for DVD too.

I have a Nikon D40. Great camera, great pictures, but I use 25% of its functions. I assume my camcorder experience will be no different.

I’m living out in Asia, very sunny place.

Am visiting family next for next Sunday, so ideally I’d like to have made a decision this week & order for delivery in the UK.

So that’s it really.

Please help me keep my hair & buy the right product!