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Thread: Vertical lines in movie

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    Default Vertical lines in movie

    I import my movies in premiere 6.5 wich I captured with studio8 before I had premiere.

    1 thing. what is difference between Pal and NTSC?

    So I click on a wide screen ntsc project to start it. then if I export an mpeg dvd mpg2 I always have those vertical lines in my screen with big or fast movements. I also have this when I export a DV avi to incode with mediaencoder 9. Only with Divx encoder and a few other the problem doesn't appear, But then the kbps arnt of high levels.

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    Try deintelacing your video.

    Pal and NTSC are diferent video standards. The former is used in Europe, the later in America and Japan. Choose a format that matched ur source material.

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