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Thread: OK So I'm a total amature but.........

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    Default OK So I'm a total amature but.........

    I thougt I might post this just to see what some of you more experienced guys would think. I've made videos before but this is the first real effort I've made, I used a few basic effects mainly just to try them out so I dunno how well I pulled them off but here it is anyway feedback and advice would be greatly appreciated.

    It's supposed to be a comedy about a boy who wants to marry his dog so......yeh here it is.

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    By the way I'm sorry about the low quality I had to compress it to get it onto youtube.

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    I liked it, especially the ending, lol. None of the effects really came off as bad or jarring or anything; I'm pretty much an amateur myself, so the only thing that really stuck out for me was the couple parts where you were lip syncing to the music, which was really hard to tell. Though that might just be the quality too. But overall, I really did like it.

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    OK idea. It had a good mixture of different shots, close, wide, different subjects to help keep the interest though the quality & composition of the shots left something to be desired.

    Didn't really come off as a comedy partly because you looked so damn miserable all the time. Contrary to what Ardaric thought, I thought the effects added nothing and if anything detracted - however, as you said, you were just trying out.
    I wasn't sure about the "youtube" look of the shakey camerawork being mixed with some slightly better stabilized shots. Some might say it worked. It didn't for me.
    The rap section needs much more work - on the audio first. You won't stand a chance of getting the video to look convincing if the sound isn't. I know sweet FA about rap, but I do know that just sticking a chanting voice over a drum machine won't sound authentic.

    In short I thought the concept was good, you have some good ideas for a mixture of shots, BUT the acting wasn't right, and it was technically poor.

    Definitely some potential there though

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    I really liked that.
    Worked well.
    I like the nod to that bob dylan video - the paper / words gag.

    I tht the rap at the end and more busy fx added little.

    Also - not amateur - you are a creative or auteur.

    As for you tube quality - check this if you didnt already. -

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    i didnt realise it was a joke until the water bit, anyway i then looked at it light hearted and had a giggle

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    Very clever, I loved the final act..great to hear that song and artist.

    5 stars..
    I know nothing about youtube, even less about video

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