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Thread: Wedding in the rain - updated from your feedback!

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    Default Wedding in the rain - updated from your feedback!

    Thanks to everyone who gave thier feedback, here is what I hope to be the finished video that I listed earlier titled "wedding in the rain"

    If I remember it all I think I ended up agreeing with most of the feedback and making those changes

    for ex:
    1) Trying to use a quote to warm up the intro a little and to establish romance
    2) Some transition slows or speed ups or edge softening etc
    3) No longer use the real rain recorded sounds - instead use a track of rain falling
    4) Less rain shots used - you may still think there is a lot of rain transition but trust me it is about 1/2 of what it used to be
    5) Worked on the first rain transition where Marc felt that the slow mo' coming in under the rain in the puddle didn't work together - I decided to keep it, but slow the rain down before the transition - still not exactly right but better than it was
    and more... thanks all - if something else crosses your minds I do appreciate it, get your two cents in!

    heres the link (thanks to our host for hosting again

    It is about 25 megs FYI
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    I have a few comments to make:

    1) Too many rain on water transitions. In fact it seems the rain is every bit a feature of the video as the wedding is. I don't feel the balance is right. The rain on water transition should probably be only used once at the beginning, perhaps leading in to the first shot of the bride

    2) Did you catch the bride throwing the flowers? If so that would make a nice slo-mo shot, perhaps transitioning to another scene

    3) One scene you zoom in on the rainbow. I would reverse this and start zoomed in on the rainbow, with it then zooming out to the bride. She's the main feature of that scene (of every scene)

    4) Superb ending scene with the couple silhoutted against the beautiful sunset. I perhaps would have had it fade out at the point where they kiss. It would create a natural ending.

    Like the music (Moulin Rouge) but I like musicals anyway.

    Well done.

    That's my opinion. If you don't like it I have others

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    Okay I give - I will find new transitions for all but one or two water transitions - I will try photos from the wedding somehow using those to transition maybe

    - Hey I like the idea of the reversal on the rainbow shot will do - I just hope it's not too obvious when it pullls back that it has been reversed (ie people moving funny) could shorten the shot to hide it if I have to

    - It wasn't a wedding with all the traditional stuff - no speeches no throwing the bouquet so some of those classics are N/A - but there must be something else I could use. I will look

    Thanks LJR
    The tale of my death has been greatly exagerated

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