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Thread: ULEAD 7 Rendering Issues

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    Default ULEAD 7 Rendering Issues

    Hi, realise I might be using an outdated software but its all I got. Have issues since day 1 with rendering the final end product. At the moment am trying to render footage containing mostly digital images and 2 small clips of video footage all taken on my sony cybershot 7.1 mp. No matter what format I select to render (PAL DVD, VCD, SVCD etc etc) the final product is pretty much the same quality that you get when watching the playback in ulead, very grainy, distorted and extremly frustrating. Dunno what to try... OS specs

    windows xp, dual core 2.4 ghz, 6600 proc, gts 8800 card.

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    Have I done something wrong:P

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    Are you concerned that the preview is version is degraded and the rendered version should be better?

    If the preview is worse looking than the raw video you may be right.

    However the best you can do when edting - clever tricks aside like sharpening - is to get the same quality out that you put in.

    Sorry if that is patronising but at times posters have been confused like this.

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    I'm concerned that the rendered view of my still images is little better than the preview version.

    e.g. If I open one of the photos that I have used in the footage in microsoft picture viewer the photo quality is good. When I import that photo into Ulead, create the footage with music etc etc, then render the footage (which is mainly photos), the photos are very grainy and distorted like the pixel quality is poor, Peoples faces are undefined like its out of focus.

    When I preview footage in Ulead i.e. when I have imported photos or footage and watch them in playback on Ulead, the footage I watch is of a low quality (I imagine so that ulead can perform this operation using minimal disk space, ram etc). I always have assumed that rendering this footage into DVD format will make the footage that I watch DVD quality, except it doesn't, I get a very poor quality finish to my end product no matter what type of rendering I use (DVD, VCD etc).

    When importing to your session is there a way of adjusting any settings to ensure what you are importing is of a high quality? Or does this not matter? Or is this not possible?

    I can't tell whether I am having problems with my rendering quality or it is the quality of which I am creating my footage.

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    Try going to "File" "Preferences" then under the "Edit" tab look for "Resampling Quality." Make sure it is set to "Best."

    If you are going to make a DVD for playback on a TV then under the same tab select the correct (NTSC or PAL) filter. If not for TV select no filter.

    Under the "General" tab try turning off (or on) the anti-flicker filter.

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    Thanks for the suggestions but they haven't worked. Set everything I could see to best quality but doesn't make any difference.

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    From within VS please right click on one of the images and select properties. Post the results back here.

    Also please post the exact properties you selected to render the final video and post here.

    Also the properties of any video files you included in the project again by right clicking from within VS.

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