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Thread: Samsung HX-10 HD ?

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    Default Samsung HX-10 HD ?

    Hi guys,

    i have just bought a samsung HX-10 high def camcorder, now when i load any of the video into the software editor that came with it ie Cyberlink DVD Suite, it is really jerky and stutters, i have tried other editors such as Avid Liquid which dosent recognise the format, ulead video factory which crashes and so on , could someone please point me in the right direction, i am trying to put the HD footage on a DVD

    Thanks In Advance

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    I am not familiar with this camera - what does it record to? Tape, hard drive or card ?

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    I can't find any mention of this model number on google either, but have been interested in the Samsung VP-HMX20. it has 8gb internal flash memory and sdhc card expansion along the lines of h.264 but its not avchd. As a camera I like the look for what I currently shoot, though I would like something which had standard def option

    Samsung VP-HMX20 Review - Camcorder Reviews - TrustedReviews

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