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Thread: Stop animation !!

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    Default Stop animation !!

    Please check and rate my stop animation footage on youtube and maybe give me some pointers on how to improve in the future.

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    I like stop motion animation, pity about the amount of time it takes to do it though. First thing is you need to have the camera on a tripod, period. It has to be secured 100% as any movement looks odd and ruins the illusion. The camera needs to be set on manual focus, manual white balance and manual exposure so you keep all three constant throughout the recording. Did you shoot this with a camcorder or using software? I tend to use the camcorder and software approach as that means I am not constantly pressing buttons on the camcorder and therefore avoid any movement. Also, you need to make the movements much smaller as the props seem to move in a jerking movement, software with onion skinning where you can see the previous frame you shot showing up so you can align the next movement for the new frame. Storyboarding also helps as you don't want your entire animation done in Long Shot, you still need to cut from Long Shot or Wide Shot to Medium Shot and then to Close Up and then go back out, so shot variety is still needed.

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    everything nikosony said.
    i love stop motion animation also, so the only thing ill add is keep at it

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    pretty good video, though a little short!
    keep up the good work!

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    I agree with all the above.

    Its funny I never knew how big lego style animations were until youtube, there are some amazing efforts and I suspect you have looked at the best, next step is maybe contact those people to ask their methods.

    'Lego people' are such a tiny scale to work with, this aspect must make it more difficult to pull off something clean and smooth.
    Like what was said before camera control (lock down) is so important, and this small scale will only amplifiy any camera mistakes.

    When I first had a camera I certaily went through a animation period, its a nice tool to understand early on as you may find yourself needing it as a special effect in videos to come.

    Your short piece being a action sequence is well backed up with audio, and thats really important, sound is sooooooo important.

    Overall its a pretty good effort, just do some homework on the "rule of thirds", it really does make a huge difference if this basic is used in any video.
    I know nothing about youtube, even less about video

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