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Thread: Editing Terminology/Software Suggestion

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    Question Editing Terminology/Software Suggestion

    Hi, I'm new to video editing and I have some videos on my computer that I'd like to edit together. I have a mac and I have tried using iMovie, but it doesn't do what I need it to do. Basically what I want is the ability to adjust the speed the video plays - both speeding it up and slowing it down. I have looked around these forums and online, and I can't seem to find some software that 1) does this on a mac 2) relatively cheap/free.

    Also, I'm not sure if this ability to change the speed of the video has a term, like "Timewarping" or something (which probably isn't close, but you get the idea).

    Anyways, I'd appreciate any help or direction anyone can give. Thanks!

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    I don't mean to spam, but can anyone help me with this?

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    I think most companys do trial versions of their s/w. It's all personal taste to a large extent. I tend to go with Adobe s/w on a PC purely cos that's where I started. try a few trial versions and see which you like. this timewarping is a common enough feature.

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