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Thread: Video quality decreased- THIS IS STRANGE !

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    Default Video quality decreased? Help- THIS IS STRANGE !

    Somthing strange has happened,

    I uploaded a simple 1.40 minute video (consisting of powerpoint and voiceover) on youtube yesterday, and played it and it was crystal clear + crisp. - the words wernt blury but crisp.

    (I used sony vegus studio 8 for making this video)
    -and used these settings:
    File type= .wmv
    size= 640 x 480
    Frame rate= 30

    Then after being satisfied with this Quality ON UTUBE (playing it on utube after uploaded it)
    i decided to add 40 more seconds on this original video in sony vegus studio to make it now a 2.20 minute video using the Exact same powerpoint slides i used in the original 1.40 minute video.... and then exported/saved the 20 second longer video in the SAME way as before (wmv, 640x 480, FRate=30),

    when uploading this longer 2.20 minute video to utube, and viewing it on utube the quality has decreased alot- the words on the powerpoint are Fuzzy, and blurry. - but in both version (1.40minute and 2.20 minute) the Exact same powerpoint slides were used... so how is the quality of video 2 reduced compared to video one? if it was rendered/produced inthe same way with the same settings?

    (Note- When seeing both videos Off my desktop in realplayer they are both as clear as each other)

    so how can they both be equally clear on real player, but when uploaded one has poorer quality than the other, when they were both produced using the same video export settings?

    What do you think it could be?

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