Ok... I just discovered the wonderful world of video editing when I got a copy of Sony Vegas Pro 8.0 for Xmas and a new webcam... now I realize I'm not a professional or anything but have been looking at a few tutorials and playing around with a couple of songs I recorded in karaoke and came up with a couple of videos... I was wondering if there's a better way of capturing video from my webcam other then opening a window that supports the webcam and capturing the video with Camtasia... that's what I've been doing and I realize the pic quality isn't all that great (get alot of pixelation) but I'm getting better I think... You can see from my oldest vid to my newest the progression I'm making on my own. This is all within about a months time. I think I may have to get a camcorder or something to get better quality video, my webcam does up to 1024x768 at 60mHz but it does seem a bit grainy when I use a flash site to capture the vid with Camtasia.... here's my YouTube collection so far... any help would be wonderful.

YouTube - lrdsatyr8's Channel