I'm not using After Effects but ultimately the question is the same for any compositing application.

Firstly, in order to see what I am trying to achieve, please take a peek at these two frame shots.

http://www.ski-info-online.com/picku.../frameshot.bmp <-- tracking layer
http://www.ski-info-online.com/picku...frameshot2.bmp <-- tracking layer with paint->reveal polygon

I need to track the frame as the lady places it down on the table. I will be assigning that tracker to the paint object (the polygon) which has "reveal" enabled. The effect will hopefully be the frame being put down will act like a window to the world of colour (you really have to see the frame shots).

I have tried using position and rotation trackers (with one tracker in one corner of the frame and one in the opposing corner). I have enlarged each tracker box and set the reference area to include part of the horizontal and vertical planes of the frame. I have set the mode to "absolute" but have tried "relative" too. I have fiddled with my compositing tool's tolerance and auto-snap options but I just can't get them to track very well at all.

My question is, where would you place your trackers on the images I have shown and what settings would you try?

Thank you.