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    Hi all

    With all the luxury of ignorance, I have made a problem for myself. I have a function coming up which I would like to stream to the internet, so that those unable to attend will still feel a part. I am proposing to use 4 camcorders connected by firewire to 4 laptops (all of which I have access to) to film the event. The laptops will then be connected wirelessly to another computer, which will be used to mix the four inputs, and stream the result to the internet. Can any one recommend a video mixing package which will accept the four inputs, and output to the internet? I would really grateful for any suggestions. I have got as far as getting the pictures to the processing computer, and hit a brick wall.

    Many Thanks in advance


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    I don't really know any software that can achieve that, what you are looking for is online editing software. I had no luck with google :(

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    I have never seen live mixing software that will run on an ordinary PC. There again I have never really looked but my suspicion is this is a pro thing.

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    Default Video mixer

    Thanks for the replies, and your research.

    The event (it was a funeral that many frail/distant relatives could not get to and this was a possible solution) is past now, but the searching was fascinating. I learnt a lot, and found out about even more that will become future learning.

    Thanks again for your kindness in looking and posting

    Best wishes


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