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Thread: 3D Stereoscopic Series

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    Default 3D Stereoscopic Series

    If you have Red Cyan glasses, feast on them!

    Latest Episode:


    ( mod note - mw - pls READ posting rules - one thread one film )
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    Very cool... what did you use to do your rendering?

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    Blender. Download it, it's free!


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    I agree, very cool!

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    impressive work.

    had to find my 'Freddies Dead' 3D glasses..!

    not often you see a multiple feature here..!
    I know nothing about youtube, even less about video

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    And there's another 3d video coming in a few weeks!!

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    Make more use of the Z plane (the depth plane) to make the 3D effect much stronger. You need more action either coming towards or going away from the camera for this to work well.

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    good job mister

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    I strongly suggest that unelss the above is just a tweak of the opening video that you post it on a new thread.

    These threads foten get confusing and messy with multiple vids.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rollingstock View Post

    had to find my 'Freddies Dead' 3D glasses..!
    ha ha ha ha i still have some of them, although they in the vhs case which is somewhere in the black hole that is my moms loft

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