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Thread: Xdcam ex hq -> hdv

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    Default Xdcam ex hq -> hdv

    I own an XDCAM EX camera, however my editing system is quite dated, so i can really only work with HDV at the moment. Here presents a huge problem. I can only edit in 1080i and 720P - Naturally I assumed the EX camera could do 720P HDV, i was wrong. It can onyl do 1080i HDV. Is there a way to convert the HQ 720P XDCAM EX files (either MXF or native format into HDV mpeg 2?

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    EX1 does not do HDV.
    It can record the same resolution as HDV, ie 1440x1080 interlaced, but it is not HDV.
    Onve converted to mxf your editing program should be ok to work with the footage.

    What editing program do you use ?
    Are you also using clip browser version 2 ?
    Clip browser V2 can conert the footage (very fast) to sd avi, ie 720x576 so even a feeble pc should be able to cope.


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    Default I meant HDV to edit with

    Its not that my system is old, I have a great computer that edit's HDV footage from my old HDV camcorder very well. The software, Adobe Premiere Elements, does not work with MXF files. I need a way to convert these MXF files to HDV MPEG 2 files. I should really just get a professional editing program, but my primary concern was getting a future proof camera and learning it in detail. Any help? I can get HDV converted of the EX camera, its just that it only does 1080i HDV, i want 720P to be in HDV also, but the EX can only do MXF. I have version 2 of the clip browser.

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    Essentially want to turn my HQ 720P footage into HDV 720P Is there a way?

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    The EX1 does not record hdv or mxf, it's the clip browser program which rewraps footage from the EX1 with an mxf wrapper, mxf stands for material exchange format, ie exchange material between different editing systems.
    I know Premier pro can use the native files form the EX1, no need for rewrapping, so if you like Premier then this could be the way for you to go, personally i use Sony Vegas pro 8, from which i get excellent quality sd/dvd's.
    Your other option is using clip browser to convert to standard def avi, this should work with you editing program.
    A link below might be of interest to you describing the different workflows of different editing programs.

    XDCAM HD and EX workflow for Final Cut Pro, Vegas, Premiere, Avid, Edius - The Digital Video Information Network


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    Default yep, i kno

    yeah i know the EX1 doesn't record HDV or MXF, but you can import the SP 1080i files as HDV. I just need to convert either the raw MPEG 4 files you get from the SxS card or the MXF wrapped files to HDV MPEG2 files. But if there is no program, its no big deal, ill just save up for premiere pro.

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