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    Hey guys, I'm a bit of a newb so would massively appreciate some help.

    Have been using Ulead video studio 11 to edit some short films that friends have made and have kindly given me to mess around with. I've been capturing them off the DVD and they have been storing as MPEGs until I mess around with them, then they become 'Ulead video studio 11 documents'.

    I'm happy with the program as I only want to do very simple editing at the moment. The problem is, one of my friends gave me two copies of his film. One a normal DVD, the other a data DVD of the film which he said would be better for quality. I know I'm probably being really stupid but I can't see how to capture it through Ulead and the friend is out of contact for a month or so.

    Using the same process as I do to capture from DVD's on Ulead, it doesn't identify a DVD in my tray. There are two files on the disk, one audio_ts, one video_ts, the latter full of .VOB, .IFO, and.BUP files.

    Could anyone advise as to how to get this onto Ulead as a film that I can then edit, or tell me if it is a Ulead problem and if I got premier or something of that ilk then it would capture it okay.

    Sorry if I have been vague but any help would be much appreciated.


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    "then they become 'Ulead video studio 11 documents'."

    When you say that do you mean .vsp files?

    If so what you are looking at is not a video file. It is a project file and is only a record of what you have done to the project you were working on, what clips, what cuts, what transitions etc were used.

    VS is a Non-Linear Editor which means it never touches the original clips. All it is doing is making a record (.vsp file) of what you want the program to do. It is only when you go to the "Share" tab and actually create the end product does it produce a video file. And, again, it doesn't change the original files.

    The "data dvd" is most likely the original MPEG2 clips that were used for the production of the video DVD. Just use Windows to open the DVD and see what is stored on there. If it does just contain the clips then you don't need to "capture" or "Import from DVD." Just drag the clips on to you computer to where ever you want them. Then open VS and import them into the library you are using.

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