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    I have seen an advert at the University for this new website

    Film Trader - the film, broadcasting and media industries' one-stop-shop for new and used equipment classifieds.

    A website with private and dealer film making equipment for sale, and also has a wanted section.

    During February you can list items for sale for free!!

    Code: FreeAd

    * Register
    * Select 'Place Advert'
    * Complete item for sale details
    * Enter code when prompted - FreeAd

    Thats it!

    I placed two adverts today and it worked fine.....

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    Oh perrrrleeeese - you can pimp your own site ONCE - you dont have to make up a silly sroty -

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    My website is Barry Squires t/a Filament Productions


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    Any chance of a special offer for forum users ? I mean assuming the gear sale site is you too.

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    Oooh - you are tenacious!

    Hands up 'I own the site' but the ad on the University wall is genuine!!

    Remind me the first week of March and I will come up with a deal for Digital Director.

    whats a Sroty? It sounds good!!!!!

    Dont forget, List in February and its free!!

    Have a look at the site and let me know what you think, I like feed back so that I can improve for the future.

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    It'll be a very long slog to get this to a stage where it's worthwhile.

    I admire your efforts, but you need more private ads - I'm sure you realise that - at the moment Hagues seem to take up alot of pages as do a few other dealers.

    You're going to struggle against eBay and the stupidity of bidders that go bonkers on there, but I wish you well.

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    Thanks Andy

    Yes I agree it is going to be a hard slog, but we in the film making industry need something a little more dedicated than Ebay.

    Ebay has become expensive and with extortionate postal prices you are not always getting a great deal!

    Spread the word - thats what I say......

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