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    I do not shoot much video - I am an animator and usually create my content in 2D and 3D animation programs. But I recently purchased a Canon HV30 and want to use it for green screen work that will be combined with animation (in After Effects) and put out to regular, standard DVDs and also available for purchase/download from the internet (720 X 480, 30 fps).

    Any suggestions about the best way to use this camera for this workflow? Any suggestions re: settings? I know that regular DV is not very good for chroma keying. I have heard that HDV is a little better. Would I do better to shoot in HDV 30P (720p) and import it as such and then just downsize the footage to fit the regular 4:3 window in After Effects? Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    It's always best to work at the highest quality and then downconvert at the last stage. so yes, work in hdv (which deals with chromakey much better than dv) and then, when you finally come to export the movie, downconvert it.

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    keying is a pain on DV cos of the half res colour sampling.
    HDV also samples the clour at half the quoted res but as the res is higher it should be much less of an issue.

    The guy in this link is Mr key - King Kong Sized Chromakey Results at Home

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