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    Just shot my first video, apart from a how to, and totally forgot about lighting. Consequently it's pretty grainy, as it was shot in a kitchen and the only lighting was from three 60 watt bulbs in a ceiling light fitting.
    Damn! Yet only a couple of weeks ago I watched a video on YouTube about how to arrange diy video lighting, using those halogen lights that builders use, mounted on a stand. I even have one of these lights, although it's only floor-standing.
    Ah well, I can always shoot it again. It's a video of my wife's Yorkshire terrier going through a complicated, and I think pretty funny, preamble before it drinks a bowl of milk. I'm planning to kind of connect this preamble with human behaviour in a future video.
    If it had been a still shot I would have known instinctively that the lighting wasn't good enough, as I'm a photographer.
    But because I'm a newbie videographer, I expected a miracle - I expected the camcorder to take care of the lighting.

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    yeah its always disappointing when you don't notice the problems until after you're done shooting.
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