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Thread: My short Film : Free Movement - the different way !!!

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    Thumbs up My short Film : Free Movement - the different way !!!

    Hi guys,

    Here's my video ' Free Movement - the different way '.
    It's a video about parkour and free running. It took me a lot of time to make it, hope you enjoy.
    All comments are welcome.

    My video has now over 2 000 views !!! the next goal : 3 000
    If you enjoyed this video, please send it to people you know.
    And don't forget the comments !

    PS : Watch in High Quality for a better quality.

    Free Movement - the different way !!!

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    I can see you spent a bit of time & effort editing this and it's a fair effort.
    I offer the following, you may disagree:

    1. The shots where the camera was static (ir balanced on a wall or similar) were MUCH more effective. You want to emphasise movement within the shot NOT the movement of the camera, which detracts. (Though the occasional use of a shakey handheld shot might be useful for effect). So keep the camera stabalised. If you need to follow action - use a tripod.

    2. Effects - often a tricky one in this type of film. My take is again based on you wanting to emphasise the action within the shot, so avoid using effects which "move" the image" such as the shaking (though I thought this was OK as a transition), the stuttering/echo effect and the "flashes". Even these used judiciously have their place though so as I say it's "avoid" rather than "don't". In contrast occasional "slow mo" is almost essential in this sort of movie. You might try different colour grading, this will add variety without changing the action.

    3. Possibly this was YouTube sync problems, but it didn't seem to be cut to the music. Sound is very important as you are no doubt aware, and cutting from one shot to another on a strong beat will emphasize the impact of the cut. This is to my mind absolutely essential if you're using a stuttering shot.

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    I've a feeling that one out of Sam and Dennis felt more comfortable with a camera.I disagree to a degree with Tim with respect to using a tripod. I think this would limit you too much.

    Look at the raw footage you shot and assess what shots have the biggest impact. Think about what you did and hwo you were standing to get those shots. This way of critically assessing your own work will help you develop camera technique. Some questions for you to consider:

    How do you hold your camera?
    Do you hold it differently for different shots?
    Do you hold it with one hand or two?
    Do you always hold the camara in the same position (have you ever got on your knees, bent down or held it up high for example)
    Do you ever manually focus?

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    These videos scare me - all I can think is ooo arr ouch.

    Intersting - I like the overall construction and the way you started, but those landscape pretty shots were way too shakey.

    The contrast with the action was spoilt.

    The tracking shot was nice.

    Effects - looks a bit random - fx should be used with a purpose and not just as garnish. Specifically cropping to wide mid shot is always risky - a flash to b/w - but why ?

    Be carefull with that wide lens - even after you tube mangled it I can still see that those shots are much softer and it vingnettes ( dark edges ) very badly. Turn off antishake on the camera to avoid the dark area moving as the anti shake doess it's thing.

    I really like the way you have been creative with this video. Would have benefited from ups - hands gradding, feet landing, grimacing faces, sweaty brows.

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