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Thread: wavy lines when camera pans

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    Hi I've been editing video for a long time now, but every now and then I run into a problem where the video I'm editing distorts when the camera pans across a scene. It happens most when I'm using Premiere, but I've also had it happen while using Movie Maker. The distortion looks like a bunch of horizontal lines on the edge of people and objects. I notice this happens mostly when trying to use video files from a hard drive camcorder.

    Any suggestions?

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    sounds like interlacing artifacts. you see it on a computer but when you play it on a television you shouldn't notice it.

    Deinterlacing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Thanks, after I posted the question I remembered hearing about interlaced video. I found out how to remove it in Adobe Premiere CS3. Select Clip/Video Options/Field Options/ the select "always deinterlace".

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