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Thread: Curiosity questions about trailers and charging

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    Default Curiosity questions about trailers and charging

    Hi everyone,

    I just had a quick curiosity question.
    When someone wants to make a trailer for their movie, When is the usual time to do it or it doesn't matter?
    Once the final movie is finished? While editing the final, you do the trailer on the side? or Before starting the final movie?
    If I had to take an educated guess, it would be either after the main film is done or while one group of editors are working on the film, another group are making the trailer.

    My other question is, how do you decide how much to charge a client? I realize this is a very broad subject that varies from one to another but I just want to get general ideas

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    Q1 - dunno - vaires I expect.
    Q2 - As much as you can get away with. But no one should even try until they know what they are doing.

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