hello. Been lookin for a community like videoforums for a few weeks. Look foward to more discussions.

So i would like to shoot "worthy" music videos on my SOny HDr-HC5. Now i do have experience shooting music videos Moslty with a GL2 and a tripod. I know a few tricks of the trade to get a good shot. And editing is a whole nother beast i plan on conquering in FInal Cut as i go (used the bare basics of Adobe premier before).

Now when i say worthy what i mean is how do i capture the best quality footage and look with just the camera and its assecories.

My top concern is Lenses.

1) Wide Angel- i have only found one lens that is compatible with my cam. However i have seen pics of huge lenses attached to cameras similar to mine posted in this forum. How is this done? ANd what is the best set up between $300-$500 dollars.

2) Telephoto...Is this required to get more detail in a close up shot?

I think with good storyboarding, performance, the right add ons i can make a great video (used mainly for EPK purposes and web promo). Im self taught and disciplened. Your input and feedback is golden. Thanks in advance


p.s you can view some of my video work on this camera on youtube. . . youtube search = MICSICC Norva Jan
Maybe yall can tell me how to get rid of the white spots floating in the air. lol