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Thread: Simple prob but really lost

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    Default Simple prob but really lost

    Im a newb and I have been trying to figure out what to do on my own but I cant seem to get it.

    Im just trying to make a music video but whenever I try to put a video file in videospin or virtual dub I get errors like "file could not be read/loaded".

    I figure it has to do with video conversion. Im getting clips from the net with pspvc and attempting to use anyvideo converter to convert them into whatever they are supposed to be. I dont know the firs thing about video conversion or why it has to be done. Can somone please spare a moment of your time to explain this to me.

    What am I supposed to convert them to? What do I need to do to get past errors so I can get my clips in and start editing.

    Are pspvc and anyvideo converter good programs to use? Can anyone reccomend better ones? Free ones that dont leave watermarks or have bad quality of course.

    Anyone know what I might need to do to solve these problems? This is really frustrating!!!

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    First off - get a proper editor.

    Most free editors are crap. Aim for premier elemnts / vegas studio.

    Free trials can be found in the links section of the forum.

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    If you don't know what video conversion is, then what makes you think you have to convert them? I don't know anything about videospin, but if you're getting that message from VirtualDub I'd say you're lacking the codec it (presuming it is a format that your version of VirtualDub supports). What type of clips are you trying to use?

    You can't make music videos with VirtualDub. It's not that kind of editor.

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    "Im getting clips from the net with pspvc", are you taking them off the likes of YouTube using a utility for the PlayStation Portable? If you are taking them off the net they may be in .flv (Flash Video) format and your pspvc utility may not be able to convert or even open them.

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