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    I have been using my father in laws Samsung mini dv camcorder over a few occasions over the years. I borrowed it just before Christmas intending to video the kids. When i first tried to use the camera there was a dew warning (the book recommended ejecting the tape and keeping the camera in a warm place) this i did and all seemed fine.When filming my sons assembly at school the camera didnt seem to focus properly. I simply presumed this was due to some moisture condensing on the inside of lense. So afterwards i returned the camera to a warm room and also put large bags of silica gel in the case with it, this did not seem to help. Today i have had another look and have found that when the night vision mode is turned on the picture is in perfect foucus, both in auto and manual focus modes. When Night vision is off the picture is blurred again even on manual you cant get it to focus. Has any one any ideas.

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    Assuming you have investigated thoroughly and it does sound like you have, probably a camera fault.
    Try giving it a good shake and a whack.

    Are you CERTAIN it is bad focus. If not entirely sure perhaps you could post a grab.

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    If it were my camera i probably would give it a whack. Think i will take it into one of the local shops and have a word.

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    That should be included in every new camcorder instruction manual, if all else fails, hit it a whack. And if that doesn't sort it out, then phone customer service and stay on hold for an hour.


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