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Thread: Sony Vegas pro 8 clone problem

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    Exclamation Sony Vegas pro 8 clone problem


    I'm having a problem which I would really appreciate your advice on, I have cropped the time lines perfect and they align next to each other perfect but when playing back in the preview section theres appear to be glitches through out as on both sides of the video I appear and disappear on both sides.

    I don't know whether this is a codec problem? but the video plays perfectly when each scene is played individually but only when played together do I get this problem, I have uploaded a screen capture of this to show you exactly what I mean, check out at the following link please see attachment.

    Also upon rendering a film to avi, wmv etc and playing the saved clip it only plays the sound over a black background, do you know why this may be?

    Any help and advice you could offer would be greatly appreciated,


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    I don't know why this should affect it, but I note you have the split screen preview button (above the preview window) selected. Try disbling that.

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