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Thread: Is Beat detect just rubbish...

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    Default Is Beat detect just rubbish...

    or am I doing something wrong.
    Hi all. I want to sync some images very tightly to music. Ahhah! Beat detect! So I ran that on the audio clip and the beats were all over the place. Oh well, I thought. It was quite heavily compressed, so I went back into Cubase and exported the click track. Just the clicks, right? Click ClicK Click.
    I put that track into PRE and slid it around (taking about an hour to works out how to stop in snapping) so that it was in perfect time with the audio. Selected the click track, went to detect beats. Still all over the shop. Literally everywhere but on a beat. What have I done wrong? It's a click track for goodness sake. So it must be wasy to detect.
    I can post a screenshot if anyone wants, just to show how random the beats are. The beat detect feature looked so useful!
    Edit: Using PRE 7 btw

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    A creative editor would be unlikely to use beat detect.

    Much better to do it manually.

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    Aw, gee. Thanks.

    Beat detect would save an enormous amount of time and tedium. That's why I wanted to use it, and when used with a click it should be frame accurate. I intended to snap to beats where possible and make manual tweaks where necesarry.
    What would be the advantage of doing something manually when it can be easily automated? ...apart from the obvious advantage that it makes you feel like a 'creative director' of course.

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    Default Everything you wanted to know about Premiere Elements and more

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    Thanks Chuck. That looks great, exactly what I'm after. I'll give it a go later.

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