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Thread: Sony Vegas ignores video tracks ??

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    Default Sony Vegas ignores video tracks ??

    My problem seems to be very stupid, but it took me the whole day and I still can't find out what's wrong with the video tracks.
    I think It happened when I clicked on some place on the track. It seems like when you simply mark a track, e.g. when you want to arrange track motion. Here's the shot of it: But here comes the problem. There is no video in the preview box, when I click on "play", there is only audio. I tried to restart Vegas, then open new project, open another project, add new track... nothing happened. There were always being formed just the "marked" tracks, which Sony Vegas "ignores". When I render the video, the same problem - no video, just sound.
    I clicked on every possible place on the screen, also tried menu, preferences etc. but I couldn't find anything what could be connected with the problem. Uninstall and re-install S-Vegas is the last thing I'd like to do.
    I'm using Sony Vegas Pro 8.0
    I'd be grateful for any ideas. Thank you very much.

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    That has all the appearance of having "Solo-ed" a Video Track. Do you have another video track below what we are looking at? If you do, make sure it isn't Solo. If it is you don't have any Event on it that we can see.

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    As grazie says looking at the colour of the timeline they should all be the same colour.

    Highlight the track you have solo'ed and press the X key ( I think) the Z key mutes the track or go to the left of the timeline where the faders are and hover you mouse of the buttons and find the one that makes the track solo.

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    Ya think anyone actually pays for vegas nowadays ? Thats a generalised cynical cooment - not directed at OP.

    I suggest wares users try something simple first - like HOW TO READ .

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