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Thread: $15 Flashlight Camera Housing.

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    Default $15 Flashlight Camera Housing.

    Will this el chepo epic fail, something for anyone with a video camera, please
    pull it to bits, I expect to be eaten alive.

    [ame=""]YouTube - $15 Flashlight Camera Housing[/ame]

    One day to shoot, one day to edit.
    I know nothing about youtube, even less about video

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    You expect to be eaten alive? Are we that scary?

    Good video I think. Pretty concise instructions, and more to the point - an excellent idea.

    Well done mate - I'd never have thought of that - and I live for cheapness!

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    Thanks Andy, and I might just say here I am doing all I can to get MarkW epson printer axe smash to be a noobtube hit, so keep your eye on that one, its moved to the adult area, I don't go there as I may be offended....haaaaaa.

    The real reason why these cheap housings were made is not in the video, I had to set up two cameras and ground zero on a fireworks barge, so they were right in a real danger zone.

    I could not use that footage as it is for a TV show and I was just a hired in-between monkey who knows fireworks and cameras, the only time the two have mixed for me.

    My method is not waterproof, but if you chose the right flashlight, you could have
    a winner. I wish I had this method years ago, I have trashed a few cameras over the years, dust and heat seem to be the killer everytime.

    When I turned up with the flashlights I did get quite a few strange looks, by the
    end of the night the other (real) camera crew were impressed as it did rain quite heavily during the 2 hours they were on a fireworks barge, the cameras came out without clean and dry.
    I know nothing about youtube, even less about video

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    That was a very cool idea... never thought of using a flashlight case as a camera housing before... gives me ideas for other projects as well... Thanks for the tips!

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