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Thread: 2,600 to spend on camcorder

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    Hi everyone

    This is my first post just registered today so hello all. I have 2,600 to spend on a camcorder, tripod, bag for camcorder, spare battery and some tapes (if buying mini-dv). Can members please recommend a good camcorder with excellent recording facilities and easy of use to download footage onto a HD or PC. I don't mind going over my budget to get the bag, battery and other bits. I'd prefer to spend almost all my initial budget on a good camcorder and tripod.

    When I will be recording it will be for 4hr sessions non-stop - I need to be able to download the recording easily onto a pc so I can re-use the tapes (if i go down the mini-dv route).


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    I've always been happy with my setup and it would fit pretty happily into your budget (if you can still find one)

    Sony HDR-FX1E (miniDV tapes shooting HDV footage) about 2K
    Manfrotto 503 head with 525 legs. about 400
    Peli case 150 ish from memory.
    Tapes - about a 1 each.

    Mics can add a bundle though.

    What you haven't listed though is a budget for s/w.

    My camer will not goive you 4 hours conituout recording to tape obviously as theyt are one hour tapes. But, not aplicable tome, but a mate with teh same setup captures HDV live using Adobe On Location anduses whatever is on the tape purely as a backup.

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    Digtec, I'm in the same position, well, I could spend more but don't feel inclined to do.
    Over the past two or three weeks I've done quite a lot of research on camcorders, and think I have narrowed my options down to a Sony VX2100E, at about 1800, or a Z1E or V1E, for about 1500 more.

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