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    Hi please help! I purchased pinnacle 11 and found my system to old to run it ! So I purchased more memory to solve this problem! Loading it I found that my bonus software appeared to have no files on it yet showed disc full! The problem I have is that I have made a movie in which I need to blur a persons face to hide their identity! Please can you advise what I should be looking for as I have no idea and cannot find “the tool” to perform this task!

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    Is your Pinnacle 11 now working properly? The Bonus Software showing full disc but not showing on your system tends to suggest your computer does not have the ability to run the Bonus Software or it is the wrong platform. I am now running Avid Liquid but I found an old copy of Studio 9 which is the older version to yours, I put Blur into the help menu and it gave me the how to do section for this.

    Another way of doing it go in to Picture in Picture, take in a grey square JPG and lower the opacity to make in transparent, but not enough to see the face, then simply place it in front of the subject.


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