Hi there

We are working on Final Cut, Quicktime Pro and Mpeg Steamclip on a Mac and have HD videos that we want to stream with the best quality picture yet using the least amount of bandwidth. The size of these videos will either be 960x540 or 848x420. These videos will be used on a streaming server and uploaded in mp4 format (if thats the best way to go?). We will also have better quality versions of these available for download, maybe at a 1280x720 resolution.

What we are looking for is someone very experienced in this area to to take a 30 second sample of our video and compress it with the best quality picture (not choppy or pixelated at all) and least bandwidth use for low, medium and high broaddband users. The same goes for our downloadable version of the movie.

What we will pay for are the settings and compression instructions to achieve all this, providing the samples are impressive. So it will be a one-time payment that can be paid by Paypal.

If anyone is interested, is experienced and has compatible programs, please can you respond to this post.

Many thanks