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Thread: Mic/headphone and manual volume needed!

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    Question Mic/headphone and manual volume needed!

    Hi, I make little Youtube guitar review movies as [ame=""]HERE[/ame].

    Some may remember me on these forums as 'Skodster' but I couldn't log in as I'd forgotten my password and my email address has changed! Anyway, I need a recommendation for a DV based camera that has a microphone and headphone socket but has also a manual microphone volume control.

    The reasons I need these are that the sound on my video's is poor and it's down to (I think) the auto level constantly hunting for sound when things go quiet. At the moment, I use a little Behringer mixing desk which is fine but I need a manual level. The headphone socket would mean that I could monitor the sound and I could then DI into the desk and eliminate the need for a mic'd up amp.

    What cheap s/h cameras could you suggest?

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    Getting a cheap mini dv with manual audio control on it may be asking too much. It is a prosumer/professional level control on camcorders and the cheaper models don't have it. When you say cheap, how much are you talking about? Also a most of the cheaper mini dv and other format camcorders have forsaken essentials such as mic and headphone sockets. I like Panasonic models, maybe if you do a search for an old NVGS400 (the best camcorder I think Panasonic made in the past ten years - without a doubt) you might strike it lucky.

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    I've taken to recording sound onto a Zoom H2. It records to SD cards and has two pairs of mics which give a surprisingly good sound in the couple of environments I've tried it - a couple of parties with live bands (not loud) and for narration in an enclosed space. In the case of the partiesI've actually mixed this with the mono sound from my Rode Videomic (which I'm not particularly impressed by) giving me a stereo overall sound but the ability to home in on the sound coming from the direction the camera's pointing.

    You can plug in external mics but if you're serious about that, your probably better off going for the H4 which takes XLRs and provides phantom power (or Guru would recommend the Marantz PDM660, but I'll wait until I've moved on from "bumbling amateur" before I get that serious.

    It has a headphone socket for monitoring.

    Prior to that I used a mini disc recorder, but had mixed results.

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    or you could spend ~ US$150 and get a usb sound interface for your computer.
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