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Thread: Problem with Sharp VL-PD3

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    Default Problem with Sharp VL-PD3

    Hi, I have a Sharp digital videocamera, VL-PD3, and I have a problem in importing the videofilms to the PC. I have a firewire, the PC (running Vista), recognises the camera but it does not work. Does anyone have any advice on how to connect and what hw/sw to use,

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    It could be any number of reasons why the computer is not recognising the camcorder when you connect the two devices.

    1/ The Firewire socket on your camcorder could be loose/damaged/completely busted

    2/ The Firewire socket on your computer could be loose/damaged/completely busted

    3/ Try a different Firewire cable to see if that works

    4/ Look in the Device Manager and make sure there is an IEEE 1394 Bus Host Controllers listed

    5/ I'm not familiar with that brand of camcorder, did you get any software with it that you may need to install, like a proprietary driver? If you did then install it first and see if that does anything

    6/ Are you 100% certain that camcorder has a Firewire socket?

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