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Thread: CS4 itunes/Divx screen size changes

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    Default CS4 itunes/Divx screen size changes

    Hi we r complete newbies fumbling abt with CS4

    We have a video, outputted via encore, to itunes (& divx) at a variety of settings, but all have same prob, some, seemingly random, sequences view as larger (again a variable ) than the normal screen size. The project is simply an import from a single video source (file not camera) then an edit, cut and paste. The largest variation is in edits from the same sequence in the original file.



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    Why Encore for the output and why divx? I would think that iTunes would rather have H.264 Everything you wanted to know about Premiere Elements and more

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    Thanks 4 th reply.

    Why encore? - sorry our error - meant encoder

    Why Divx - when we first exported the file it wud not play in either the default player or in itunes, we have divx so we converted it and it ran, For some unknown reason when we later tried it worked in both the default player and in itunes.

    We r using H264 and hav used a variety of presets.

    Shud have also stated hav it at 100% in program window but in the export settings window it is not - just an oblong in the centre approx 1"high x1 1/2' (also tried 'fit' in program window but same export setting window size)


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