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    Default Spot editing?

    I am trying to edit a video, someone was using a laser pointer on an animal and I need to remove the laser, is there any way to do this with Vegas?

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    Yes (ish).
    What we're going to do here is take a small piece of animal which does not have the laser dot (I'll call it the "patch"), which is as similar as you can get to the bit of animal which IS covered by the dot. Then we're going to place that "patch" bit over the red dot.

    1. Place your original footage on track 2.
    2. Copy it onto track one [see note 1]
    3. Apply a cookie cutter video effect to track 1, and create a circular "cookie" a bit larger than the red dot, but over a part of the animal which is the same colour/texture as the bit covered by the red dot. You'll want to keep "soloing" track 1 to compare with track 2.
    4. Feather the "cookie".
    5. Use track motion on track 1 to manouver the "patch" over the red spot in clip 2. You'll want to modify the feathering/selection (steps 3 & 4) to get this just right.
    6. Use keyframes on the track motion to keep the "patch" over the red dot.

    1. You may want to shift this in time to get a better "patch"
    2. You may even want to use patche s fom different clips. The secret is to get something as close as possible to what would have appeared under the red dot.
    3. If you're using Vegas Pro, you may prefer to use Bezier masks on track one rather than the cookie cutter as you can choose your shape.

    [Shameless plug]
    I used this technique (with Beziers) to get rid of a rogue cursor that had crept onto the "CCTV monitor" in the final scene in "Eye in the Sky", where the old lady talks directly into the CCTV. If you look very closely, you can see a small area of her left cheek move slightly independently of the rest. Though probably not on YT.

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    Or - and this might work - if the spot is the reddest ( or greenest ) thing in the scene you may be able to tune it out using the secondary colour corrector.

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