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Thread: Backpacking with AVCHD + Eee PC! Help!

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    Default Backpacking with AVCHD + Eee PC! Help!

    Hi folks!

    I am the proud owner of a Panasonic HDC-SD5. I'm going travelling for a few months, and am taking said recorder and a small Asus EEE PC laptop with external HD.


    900mhz processer
    512mb ram
    160gb External

    The main job of the laptop is simply to facilitate transferring the huge HD files (recording at 1440) to the external HD. Obviously I'm not planning on meddling with these files on such an underpowered machine. My first question is to check that if I copy the .MTS files to an external HD, when I get home I'll be able to import them into an editor (preferably iMovie). IE it's OK to store them in this "raw" format.

    Second Q. Were I to record small clips (less than 60 seconds) at a low quality, (640x480 tops) is there anyway I could get these files into a format compatible and small enough to upload to Flickr/Youtube/Vimeo. Clearly this -does- involve transcoding the data on my weak little machine. My hope is that with small file sizes It'll be able to manage and it doesn't matter if it takes 12+ hours for a minute of footage. What software can you recommend for this process?

    The laptop can run XP or Linux - I'm technically confident with both, including the command line for linux. I'm looking for as lightweight, small apps as possible.

    Thank you in advance for any advice or comments you can offer!


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    You will be able to use the files you transfer no trouble at all on XP using any of the editing programs, it's the way I use my files from a Canon HF10 I always cut and paste them from the camera and then edit them on Corel Video Studio ProX2. As for iMovie it has proved to be a bit of a headache with some AVCHD files I gave to friend of mine how uses iMovie, 2 months down the track and he still hasn't managed to get them to work.
    Vimeo will have no problem with the file size you are quoting 640x480, I use Vimeo for HD video and upload at 1280x720 this is there proffered resolution for HD, as it displays at the correct wide screen ratio.

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