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    Right I created this from all the clips from 2008, i used the ones i liked the most for angles, tricks and lighting. I also played about changing contrast, etc.

    BMX video.

    Tried to make it more personal after the feedback from the last video i showcased.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Thanks, anyone care to offer criticism, it really helps me when I create other videos.

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    Because this is a collection of clips, it doesn't suffer as much from the repetitiveness that one of your earlier vids I remember seeing suffered from. Bear in mind this comes from someone who is probably not you target audience.
    Again, I like the choice of music and the way the vid is edited to make the whole package show the gracefulness of the riders rather than the more ususal "manic" look.

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    Some of the shots in this piece are beautiful, the lighting creates such a warm feeling on the shots in the warehouse.

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    Cool Video man ! I liked the music

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